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delta 8 crumble

Delta 8 Crumble: Discover The Mix Of Rich Flavor And High Quality D8

Delta 8 crumble sounds like some new kind of Girl Scout cookie. While Exhale crumbles do come in Girl Scout Cookie flavor, it’s far different! Delta 8 THC crumble another way to enjoy one of the most popular cannabinoids in the market! As a dry, tasteless powder, this easy-to-manipulate CBD product has skyrocketed in popularity across the nation!


Now that we got you hooked after mentioning Girl Scout cookies let’s talk a little more about what it is, where it comes from, and why you may (or may not) be right for you. Scroll just a little further to read more!



What Is Delta 8 Crumble? 

Crumble is a dry cannabis concentrate that has a powdery consistency and, much to your surprise, crumbles easily. Crumble shares names like “crumble wax” and “honeycomb” and is super versatile! Unlike other THC concentrates such as shatter, wax, resin, or cannabis oils, you can add it to joints, blunts, or sprinkle crumble over the top of D8 flowers or buds.


Delta 8 crumble is one of the driest forms of concentrate compared to wax or even resin. It may range in color from pale to deep yellow. With age, it hardens and turns an amber color. You can make crumble from either dried Delta 8 buds or fresh frozen cannabis.


What Are the Benefits of Delta 8 Crumble?

Besides its name just being fun to talk about, Delta 8 crumble has many benefits. As mentioned above, crumble is very versatile! You can add crumble to anything to complement your Delta 8 THC experience. Here are a few benefits of Delta 8 crumble.



As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 crumble is very versatile. Think of this as that ingredient that you can add to virtually anything! Add Delta 8 crumble on your joints, blunts, or simply sprinkle it on the D8 flower for an added kick!


Positive Impact on the Body

Consuming Delta 8 produces all kinds of feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and tons of comforting effects on the body. It may increase CBD’s effects on the body while easing you into a state of clarity. Delta 8 crumble, just like other D8 products, provides a much easier experience that allows for functionality and coherent thoughts. It is always best to seek a doctor’s advice before consuming Delta 8 if you take any prescription medications.


Increase in Entourage Effect

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that may mediate the effects of stronger cannabinoids that generate negative side effects; while enhancing the CBD present in all cannabis products.


Thanks to the entourage effect — a term that describes the reaction our body has with all the effects of CBD products filled with nearly a hundred cannabinoids, tons of terpenoids, flavonoids, and other compounds (like small doses of THC) present in the hemp plant. The more compounds present in any given product, the more intense the entourage effect will be.


What Are the Effects of Delta 8 Crumble?

Because of our different body compositions, the effects of the Delta 8 crumble vary. However, a laundry list of anecdotal reports of the product and its benefits is pretty positive. It may take you longer to feel the effects of D8 as it works slower than Delta 9, but its speed affects your body and hits your system will ease you into a much mellower state of mind. D8 THC produces a variety of positive effects that are well worth the few if at all, negative side effects some consumers experience. Here are some of the most common effects!


  • Sleepiness/ full-body relaxation
  • Mild euphoria to mind and body
  • Eases discomfort
  • Stabilizes an upset stomach
  • Improved appetite


While there are many great effects to D8 crumble, indulging in too high a dose for those that may not have built a tolerance yet may result in a few unfavorable effects. Remember: these effects are all temporary and will subside with consistent consumption. Some of these effects may include:


  • Dry, red eyes
  • Increased thirst
  • Grogginess/ fatigue
  • Confusion
  • “Couch Lock” (strong physical sedation)



crumble in a vial



How Is Delta 8 Crumble Made? 

Making D8 crumble is a similar creation process to D8 shatter. Delta 8 crumble comes from a thorough, safe Co2 extraction process. The solvent of choice is usually butane, but propane and ethanol also work. However, a Co2 extraction is the preferred and safest extraction method. Implementing a Co2 method results in a watery, less dense extract which is how we select oils for our top-selling tinctures.


To make the crumble, processors start with freshly harvested hemp flowers. The material is placed in a column of the extraction machine while the solvent is chilled. Then the solvent flows over the hemp material.


Crumble requires low heat for a long time in a vacuum oven. The longer cooking time creates one of the driest forms of cannabis concentrate. This is what gives crumble; well, it’s crumbly texture!


How Do You Use Delta 8 Crumble Products? 

When it comes to Delta 8 crumble, versatility is the name of the game. There are several ways to consume crumble. In addition to dabbing it with a rig, you can also incorporate crumble into other smoking techniques. One option is to add it to joints, blunts, or spliffs! You want to make sure that your extract is broken down into small crumbles, fill your rolling paper with flower and sprinkle the crumble across the top of the flower.


Once you’re finished rolling your crumble enhanced blunt, you will notice that the crumble produces a heightened effect because of its THC content. The combination of crumble, such as OG Kush, and flower, like Girl Scout Cookies strain, creates a smooth journey to relaxation.


By far, the most popular way to enjoy and consume concentrates and extracts is to dab them! Concentrates are more potent than flower, so dabbing is known for producing a stronger range of effects. The flavors and aromas you get from crumble when dabbing tend to be much cleaner and robust. So, when we mention that you’ll experience the distinct qualities of strains like OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, we truly mean it!


How Do You Dose Delta 8 Crumble?

There is no “right” dosage when it comes to D8 crumble. This is all contingent on the individual and factors such as age, weight, and frequency of consumption. It is always recommended to start low and go slow. This is exactly what it sounds like. Start with a dab about the size of a hemp seed until you find a dose best suited for you.


Since there is no universal dosage guide for concentrates, it will take trial and error to determine what is right for you. Dab potency may range anywhere from 60 to 90% THC or CBD. It is important to note that this by no means should be seen as a supplemental dietary product, and if it starts to affect your health, you should seek medical advice immediately.



Can You Eat Delta 8 Crumble? 

No! You should refrain from either crumble of any kind! While its name may sound like you can eat it, it is not meant for consumption. It also will not taste very good. We know that for a fact. Trust us; we’ve tried it.


Another good reason not to eat crumble is that there are no dosage guidelines for this compound. With that being said, smoking it or dabbing it would be your two primary methods of consumption. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not verified these statements. Delta 8 Crumble is not meant to help with any serious medical condition.



Why Choose Exhale Wellness For Delta 8 Products? 

Here at Exhale, we believe sometimes the best things come easy. This is why we provide all new and returning customers with transparency and quality. You should always look for two things in anything you buy, especially when looking for a wellness product that can make your life better.


So what are you waiting for? To embark on this experience, we need your credit card number, enter it in the box below and press submit! Doing so will expose you to a vast, growing world of all-natural products made to improve your life.

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