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CBD THC Delta 9 Gummies - 750mg and 1500mg - D9 Gummy Cubes

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Vegan CBD Gummies (Cubes)

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CBD Disposable Vape – Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie Strain Vape Disposable Carts Cartridges

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CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies

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EX CBD Salve Relief 1000mg


Exhale CBD Flower Northern Lights with flower

CBD Hemp Flower – Northern Lights


CBD Hemp Flower – Skywalker OG

Exhale CBD Flower Small Buds 28g Northern Lights

CBD Hemp Flower – Northern Lights (SMALL BUDS)

CBD live resin vapes - exhale

CBD Live Resin Cartridges

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Exhale CBD Flower Small Buds 28g Skywalker OG

CBD Hemp Flower – Skywalker OG (SMALL BUDS)

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CBD Live Resin Disposable

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Experience deep tranquility and inner balance with the best CBD on the web. This magical cannabis compound, when taken right, may help you with life-changing wellness benefits without the crippling feeling of brain fog, racing thoughts, or grogginess bringing you down. With our wide selection of premium CBD products, you are sure to re-discover yourself in a brand new light!

If you’re looking for CBD products for sale, it’s likely for the same reasons as many other people before you. CBD is a well-known compound from the hemp plant that has gained popularity in recent years following the national legalization of hemp due to the 2018 Farm Bill. The popularity is well deserved, as the benefits that can come from CBD can be a great way to relieve various problems we experience, both big and small. It’s easy to buy CBD products online, but it’s best to be well-informed before making a purchase from one of countless companies.

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If you want to learn all about CBD and the products you can find it in, you came to the right place! Read on, and we will explore everything you need to know to make informed decisions to get high-quality CBD products locally and buy CBD online.


CBD is a therapeutic cannabinoid extracted from plants in the cannabis Sativa family for wellness products. CBD is in marijuana plants (plants containing upwards of 0.3% THC) and hemp plants (with less than 0.3% THC). Despite this, CBD will almost always be derived from hemp plants for many reasons, both practical and legal.

One reason is that CBD is found in a much higher concentration in hemp plants, which makes it much more efficient to derive CBD from hemp. Another is that marijuana contains THC levels high enough to remain a controlled substance under federal law. In essence, hemp is legal on a federal level, but marijuana is not, so most brands use hemp to create their CBD products.

cbd tincture oil on table


When looking to buy CBD online, you will see that it comes in various forms. Following the extraction process from industrial hemp, the final product can come in a few different kinds of CBD extracts. These extracts do not vary so much in their physical qualities as in what compounds are in the extract.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum extracts contain CBD along with the other beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp. These products include trace amounts of THC falling within the legal limit of 0.3% allowing customers to experience the benefits of the entourage effect with a legal product.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum extracts contain all the beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp plants, except for THC. This oil is still effective and retains many of the benefits found through a full spectrum extract. By removing the THC, you can consume CBD without worrying about a positive THC screening or having trace amounts leftover in your system.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate strips away the other cannabinoids besides CBD, meaning it is THC-free. Isolate is the purest form of CBD testing at around 99% CBD. CBD isolates will usually come in a powdery, white crystalline form.

CBD isolate is a great option for consumers looking for a strengthened CBD experience or those who would like to combine it with other products.


Recent years have seen a constant boom in CBD sales and CBD products for sale. This caused an influx of CBD companies producing exciting products, like Exhale Wellness! Founded on a love of cannabis culture and a passion for providing the best natural alternatives, Exhale is Southern California’s premier source for the highest-quality CBD products for sale.

There are many exciting CBD products for sale to explore at Exhale, so let’s take a quick look at some of them!

hemp preroll in box pack



CBD hemp flower might be the most traditional way to get the benefits of the hemp plant! Roll it up, put it in a bong, or pack it into a pipe to enjoy the wonderful aromas and many benefits provided by the flower’s delicious terpenes. Flower is a great option for those who love the ritual comfort of smoking to unwind their day and enjoy the unique flavors of all-natural hemp flower.


Possibly the most popular method of consuming CBD, vapes are a quick and potent way to consume CBD without creating any lingering scents or attention. Vapes are also valued for their high degree of portability, as they fit in a pocket or purse without issue. CBD vapes are a great starting point for many new consumers but are appreciated by anyone who wants CBD’s benefits and flavors without the hassle.


For those who want a more potent dosage of CBD, there exist various forms of CBD concentrate. CBD concentrates are high potency extracts that give consumers a more powerful relief option. You can consume concentrates via vaporization on a dab rig, vaped in a concentrate pen, or, if you are crafty, baked into edibles!

Depending on the process, concentrates can have various textures and physical qualities. Some of the common forms you’ll find concentrates as include:

  • Budder: Packed with a wonderful dank fragrance, budder comes with the consistency of a heavy spread, like peanut butter.
  • Shatter: Appearing as a glassy, amber-toned material, shatter is a classic favorite for dab enthusiasts due to the excellent flavor and potency it provides.
  • Wax: Perhaps the easiest to manipulate, wax is a popular choice as one can easily separate it into doses.
  • Crumble: Sometimes described as having a blue cheese-like consistency, crumble will break apart when manipulated and comes in an opaque color.


CBD oil products might be some of the most popular products on the market. Those who buy CBD oil value it for its ease of use, low profile design, and quick effectiveness. The highest quality CBD oil will usually contain hemp seed oil to encourage a high degree of bioavailability, allowing your body to absorb CBD oil’s therapeutic terpenes.


Another popular choice for consuming CBD is edibles. Exhale’s CBD gummies are made with ingredients and are an all-natural way to treat yourself to some relaxation with a little added sweetness! You can take CBD gummies discreetly, making them a good option for those who need some CBD-powered relief on the go.


Topical CBD products provide an alternate way to add CBD to your life. CBD is great for soothing that muscle ache from playing too hard.

Some popular forms of CBD topical products for sale are muscle salves, shampoos, lotions, and body creams.


The most interesting thing about CBD is, of course, its benefits! CBD supports the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which many users may find relaxing. Apart from that, there are a multitude of other favorable properties that make CBD the talk of the town! 

When used the right way, CBD may help you elevate your wellness game to a universal level which may include:

  • A better night’s sleep
  • More relaxation
  • Enlightened mood
  • More energy 
  • A healthy appetite…and many more. 

The impact may vary from time to time or from person to person, but the end goal remains the same- nothing but uninterrupted relaxation!

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect describes the therapeutic effects created by consuming various cannabinoids together. It details that when taken this way, consumers also get a more potent, synergistic effect. This means that when consuming THC with CBD, through a full spectrum CBD oil, for example, the consumer will experience a more broadly beneficial series of effects.

In essence, cannabinoids can complement each other by increasing their effectiveness, altering effects, and providing a more therapeutic experience representative of the plant’s holistic capabilities.


CBD is a very well-tolerated substance that carries very few risks for those who consume it. But this does not mean that it is impossible to experience less desirable side effects. While they should not be severe, some reported side effects could include:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

If you experience these effects, they should be short-lived and mild. But, if negative side effects are severe, or last for a prolonged period, seek a doctor’s advice for informed perspectives on how to proceed.

How much CBD should you take?

Most of the time, you can avoid side effects by ensuring you know the appropriate amount for you. There is no single best dose for everyone due to the many variations and factors individuals have. But you can follow a general rule that applies to all CBD products for sale: Start low and go slow!

You should find the sweet spot where the effects hit right if taken this way. Then as you take more, you will have the option to increase your dose as needed.

Take your time when you are adjusting to CBD to figure out what works best for you!

exhale cbd soft gel capsules


Like how we all experience the world through different lenses, people have individual reactions to CBD consumption. In other words, a product that works well for one individual could have less effective results on another. As such, the most effective product for you will depend on factors like what you are using it for, your tolerance, and the severity of the issue you are attempting to relieve.

Products for Discomfort

CBD may act as a robust support system for common discomforts arising from daily activities, Whether it’s joint aches, muscle soreness, or any other common physical strain.

Moreover, topicals make for an effective response. Topical products could potentially help you get concentrated relief for a localized area. You may feel a significant reduction in discomfort and swelling. The best part is CBD doesn’t cause any intoxication. Alternatively, you can also use other CBD products for sale, such as vapes, tinctures, flowers, and edibles, to help you get the relief you desire. 

CBD may help you both on a mental and physical level which is why these products are considered top-tier holistic and are very much in demand. Many users observed a positive shift in their mood with a feeling of calmness and relaxation, making them feel light and comfortable. 

Products for Mood

Many customers try CBD because of its ability to potentially help regulate mood. CBD may promote a light, uplifted state of mind, giving off a comprehensive feeling of wellness. Consumers also observed lower levels of nervous irregularities allowing them to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life (and that too without being intoxicated).

Even if you’re not looking for a particular health ailment, CBD may be your companion for those brutal, sweaty brows and clammy palms kind of moments. It may simply help you unwind and unlock a tranquil state of mind while your dense worries and overwhelming stress slowly fade away.

Products for Sleep

One of the most frustrating experiences a person can have is low-quality sleep. As a consistent problem, it can even border on becoming a health risk. While options are widely available, like sleeping pills, or melatonin-based supplements, these products are not always well-tolerated and can cause undesirable side effects. As such, many people turn to CBD as a source of relief.

CBD cuts the potential for a groggy morning by providing a non-intoxicating and very light effect in its consumers. Many customers even felt CBD helping them unwind before bedtime, allowing them to rest better. CBD ingestion before bed may also assist individuals in staying asleep through the night, a big benefit for those of us who have no problem getting to sleep but find ourselves sitting up at the crack of dawn, struggling to get some last-minute shut-eye.

Concentrates may be the key to you enjoying a more potent, relaxed afternoon. They may also encourage a relaxed state of mind right before bed. However, if concentrates are not the one for you, there are more options like vapes, flowers, and edibles to try.

High Potency Products

If you’re an experienced CBD connoisseur, you might be interested in finding more potent options to get the effects you desire. CBD concentrates are here to do exactly that! Because concentrates contain a high volume of CBD in a small amount, consumers can reach a much higher dose with significantly less product.

This allows you to reach a regular dose if you have a high tolerance, or even those with a lower tolerance to strongly feel the effects. But if you want to avoid some of the factors that make consuming concentrates more complicated (dab rigs, torches, etc.), you can always look for a high percentage strain of CBD hemp flower! Regular strains typically fall between 12%-15% CBD, but the real heavy hitters will be 19% and up, making for a truly potent experience.


Once again, the most effective product will depend greatly on the individual consuming it and what they are trying to treat. As such, it isn’t easy to broadly declare that one CBD product is more effective than another. However, you might find some common qualities shared between the most effective CBD products of all varieties!

Natural Ingredients

The most effective CBD products for sale come from all-natural, non-GMO sources. CBD doesn’t need any dressing up or chemical alterations to be at its best, so go with a brand that keeps it all natural. This includes added ingredients in vapes and edible products.

U.S.A. Grown

Countries outside of the United States often have fewer regulations surrounding hemp manufacturing. This means that some products coming from foreign farms may contain harmful materials in the finished product like heavy metals, pesticides, or acids used during the extraction process. You want to avoid any potential risk coming from these products, so be sure to go with a product comprised of U.S.A. grown hemp!

Hemp Derived

As was previously mentioned, CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. However, in states without medical marijuana, you should always be sure to go with a product you know is from federally legal hemp. This will ensure you are using a product with high amounts of naturally derived CBD and consuming a safe, legally produced product.

Lab Tested

Another important characteristic you will find in all quality CBD products for sale is the presence of certified third-party lab testing. This testing will come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). COAs are the clearest way for consumers to know exactly what is in the products they are consuming, as they list out individual percentages of all of the various compounds contained in that particular batch. To check to make sure the product you are purchasing is safe, be sure to find that product’s COA, which should be available on the company’s website.


You might live somewhere with CBD readily available at gas stations, convenience stores, and every health food store around you. But easy access doesn’t always translate to sourcing a quality product or a good price. Buy CBD online from a reputable retailer, and you’ll typically have access to user reviews, product descriptions, and even potential discounts!

When you buy CBD online, you get the best access to information outside of a sales environment where you can feel pressured into spending more than you intended. Ordering online can also give you access to a greater range of brands, widening your potential to discover high-quality products. On top of that, you won’t even have to leave your home to get your hands on a great product!


If you want to cut out the endless search for the best CBD products for sale, we have good news for you: Exhale Wellness can be your breath of fresh air. Exhale was founded by a tribe of like-minded cannabis experts with decades of experience in the food industry. We are a team of researchers, cultivators, and cannabis enthusiasts excited to share our products with you and the world!

Buy CBD online at Exhale so you can get the relief you need ASAP! Products are typically shipped out of our California warehouse within 48 hours and should arrive between 5-7 days. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our products, an offer you won’t find at any brick and mortar store.

So if you want to add some natural relaxation to your life, Exhale and breathe in the fruits of your wellness!

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