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THCV Gummies


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Put a potent bounce in your step with the incredible power of THCV! This amazing hemp-derived cannabinoid can be your perfect companion to help you crush your daily wellness goals. Check out our line of premium THCV products to find the one that’s right for you!

THCV Gummies

One of the coolest things about the hemp plant is discovering new cannabinoids to create awesome products, and our fresh THCV Gummies absolutely rock! If you need to clear your head after an insane day at work or recover from a thunderous night out at the club, our powerful THCV Gummy Cubes help you recharge and get you in gear so you can do it all over again!

The flip side to THCV Gummies is that they not only invigorate your body but also help calm your mind, demolish creative barriers, and let you drift to a peaceful, uplifting place. That unique combo of enjoyment and optimism is what makes these gummies so off the wall. Keep reading to find out more about these potent edibles and why fans can’t get enough of them!

What is THCV? 

THCV is short for Tetrahydrocannabivarin, a cannabinoid found in certain African Sativa cannabis strains. It’s considered a minor cannabinoid and is a rarity in nature. However, through safe and clean extraction methods, companies like us can generate enough of the cannabinoid from hemp plants for use in various consumer products, such as gummies!

THCV Gummy Cubes support our endocannabinoid system (ECS), but THCV differs a bit from other cannabinoids like its cousin, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or Cannabidiol (CBD), another well-known hemp plant cannabinoid. The ECS helps our bodies function at their best, including keeping us in a good mood, getting better sleep, and balancing our appetite. THCV works its magic in part by blocking CB1 receptors in the ECS, which can help with hunger cravings, yet still manage to pump up your energy level.  

What Are THCV Gummies?

THCV Gummies are discreet, power-packed helpings of hemp-derived goodness that change your perspective in a positive, easygoing way. We personalize them by offering various potencies, so you can control what strength works best and when. The tangy treats come in assorted natural flavors — good luck trying to decide on a favorite because they’re all pretty bomb!

Benefits of THCV Gummies 

THCV Gummies are all about taking care of your head and supporting your body, so let’s break down how these potent treats do just that!

Powerful Calming Effects 

THCV Gummies are perfect for helping ease discomfort and muscle tension, especially after hitting the gym. They go hard like you do, and 45 minutes to an hour after popping one in your mouth, you’re on your way to a calm mind and deeply relaxed body. 

Inspiring, Focused & Clear-Headed Euphoria

With our THCV Gummy Cubes, you don’t have to travel to change your perspective. Our natural, vegan-friendly THCV Gummies rock your world just like nature intended, clearing your head, keeping you focused, and elevating you into a better mood. Plus, for those visionaries out there, these gummies help obliterate creative roadblocks and put you on the path to unrestrained imagination.

Supports Healthy Eating Habits

We mentioned how our THCV Gummies support the ECS to calm cravings. Enjoy a bite-sized gummy between meals, after working out, or anytime your stomach calls for your attention — especially if what’s calling you is going to make you feel guilty after you scarf it down! Help kick that hunger hankering to the curb while loving the burst of flavor baked into every THCV Gummy Cube. Talk about a win-win!

Fast-Acting, Easy To Use

It’s almost unfair how well THCV Gummies work. They disappear from your mouth after one or two quick bites, and about 45 minutes to an hour later, your mind, body, and belly will be thanking you. These fast-acting sweets are as quick and convenient as it gets!

Smoke-Free Alternative 

You’re in control with THCV Gummies, so choosing when and where to enjoy them is totally up to you. Unlike smoking, THCV Gummy Cubes are odorless and so discreet no one will know you’re experiencing hemp-derived happiness.

Why Should I Shop With Exhale Wellness for THCV Gummies? 

At Exhale Wellness, quality counts, so breathe easy. Sure, our competitors talk about quality, but we walk the walk. It starts with off-the-chart hemp grown in the USA. We don’t mess around with any nonsense like artificial flavors; our THCV Gummies are natural, vegan-friendly, and taste fantastic. 

Transparency is important to everyone at Exhale Wellness. That’s one reason why we use third-party labs to test our products. The law doesn’t require it, but we trust our products and people. Even further, we have these lab results ready to view in the form of a Certificate of Analysis, that you can view or download for yourself! Follow the QR code on the bottle and see our commitment to quality for yourself.   

Customers love us, and we have thousands of 5-star customer reviews from third-party review sites like Trustpilot. So yeah, not only will you feel great with our THCV Gummy Cubes, but you’ll also feel great about buying them from us. 


We love it when people want more information about us and our products, so please, dig in and read on!

What Do THCV Gummies Feel Like?

After consuming these tasty treats, you’ll feel like you’re floating down a river on a sparkling and serene summer day. You’ll notice your cares gently floating away downstream, clearing your head, relaxing your body, and calming your cravings for that extra cheeseburger.

How Long Does It Take for THCV Gummies To Take Effect? 

You’ll generally feel incredible about 45-60 minutes after eating a gummy. Everyone’s body is different, but we take pride in our pre-measured hemp-based THCV Gummy Cubes. 

Can THCV Get Me High? 

Our THCV Gummies create a profound sense of relaxation, gentle euphoria, and mental clarity without the straight-up intensity of THC. Try it. We know you’ll like it. 

Are THCV Gummies Legal? 

Yes, THCV Gummies are 100% federally legal. That’s because they’re made under the strict guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill. This Act of Congress legalized all hemp and hemp-based products as long as THC levels in the hemp plant remain at 0.3% or lower. All Exhale Wellness products are federally legal, but it’s always good to check the laws in your state regarding hemp-based products because certain states have laws that counter the federal government’s stance on hemp.

How Many THCV Gummies Can I Eat? 

We suggest one gummy per day or as needed. But, if you’ve never experienced a THCV Gummy before, it might be a good idea to pace yourself. Eat half a gummy, then wait 45 minutes to an hour and see how you feel. If you’re in a happy, peaceful place, it might be fine to finish the gummy. Again, we’re all wired a bit differently, so if this is all new to you, start at the lowest amount possible and increase it gradually.